Snuggle down with me…My night time routine

Hello! And welcome to my blog! If your new then welcome! If you a regular then Welcome back!

So its hump day today (Hurayyyy) so I thought id do a little post on my day to day night time routine. So here it goes!

The first thing I do after collecting Rose from school is kick off my shoes as soon as we get in, iv been stuck in shoes for about 12 hours so I’m always glad to get them off at the end of a long old day.

Rose will usually play with some toys or throw on the telly whilst I prepare dinner, we will then sit down to whatever I have rustled up and munch away. Straight after dinner is bathtime for Rose, then story time, brush teeth and bed. This is usually around 18.30/19.00 (she loves her sleep).


Then my night routine begins, the first thing I do is take off my makeup with the garnier micellar water and some cotton pads and ill give my face a little wash with my Dermalogica facial foam wash. This is absolutely unreal for any kind of skin it has left me spot and blemish free for at least a good three – four weeks now my skin is the best its ever been.


Whilst removing my makeup ill run a nice scorcher of a bubble bath, tonight I’m using the Imperial leather Marshmallow bath crème because its just delish. Then for candles, sometimes I prefer to light just a few little tealights but tonight iv decided on my new purchase of strawberries and cream yankee candle, this really fits in tonight with my girly sweet marshmallow bubble bath and it smells beautiful.


I’m also using the Rosy face mask from Lush, I will tend to use a mask at least three times a week and find it helps keep my skin in tip top condition. With a glass of wine to hand  or a cup of tea (I’m NOT an alcoholic REPEAT NOT an alcoholic) ill  crawl into the bath and just chill with a book, magazine or some youtube vids. At the moment I’m reading Frozen charlotte so that’s my book of choice.


Once iv taken my mask of and I’m finished in the bath ill then put on my comfy jarmies usually jersey type whilst its cold but I do tend to wear nighties most of the year as I HATE sweating in bed. Before the jarmies go on though I cover myself in the chanel body oil, its INCREDIBLE but I’m running low! EEK!

Once my bath is done ill either veg out on the couch and watch some tv or read, ill probably end up in the kitchen pottering around prepping meals for the week ahead then ill usually brush my teeth and head up to bed myself. I’m up at 5,30 am most days so I need at least a good 8 hours sleep which I find absolute paramount for good skin! oh yeah and reduced crankiness.


My weekend routine differs massively as its usually spent doing something family related and schedule sometimes goes out of the window. Having said that I ALWAYS make sure iv had a relax in the bath before bed, regardless of what time it is. Its so important for me to be able to wind down before bed plus I get to tune out for a good hour…Best time of the day!.

Thanks for reading my loves



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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

15 thoughts on “Snuggle down with me…My night time routine

    1. Oh it is beautiful! I used to be a shower person too but our ensuite is getting ripped out and we’ve been without one for a few months whilst we decide on how we are kitting it out so iv had baths every night and just can’t get enough of them! Go run a bath girly!!! X x x

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      1. Oh well, at least you get to have plenty of baths! 😉 I’m usually in bed by 7 with my son, he is 11 months old and cosleeps with me unfortunately. As soon as I get up he wakes up, so I’m always stuck in bed. I seriously need to do something about it! 😩 I will definitely try to get more baths! 😉 x x

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      2. Oh no! I’m usually in bed at seven as well tbh but only because I’m always shattered from early starts! Thank God my baby days are gone lol I feel for you my five year old sleeps 6.30 until about 5.30-6 seven days a week lol x

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