WELCOME BACK LOVELY PEOPLE! Today I was sifting through my makeup trying to find the best blush to compliment my very toned down look for work. As a soon to be nurse I need to keep things simple in the workplace and not look too “made up” and I realised that these blushers really are all rounder’s.

This has got to be one of the best high street blushers I have come across, it’s a lovely dusky pink that is very buildable with an excellent colour payoff, I think I have had this one for around 18 months and despite overuse it has lasted this length of time because it really doesn’t require a lot on the cheeks, it’s so subtle. It is very matte so I usually would put a little highlighter over the top but for work I like to keep it


So this little ray of sunshine came to me around 3 Christmases ago in a beautiful lancome gift set full of treats for me to try, luckily enough I have the BEST mum and its been in my stocking ever since. Its beautiful. It’s quite a deep rose colour  and again it is very buildable. This blush has a little bit of a shimmer in it and although online it does say it can be used as a highlighter aswell I think it’s not shimmery enough to be used as this, it certainly is light enough but if you purchase the shade I do I wouldn’t recommend using it as a highlighter or things could go seriously wrong.

lancome-blush-subtil-rose-31-pepite-de-corial-6gBENEFIT – ROCKATEUR

There’s nothing much left to say on this really is there? The subheading does the work for me. This has been in my makeup collection for years, I mean YEARS. Benefit was the brand that I became obsessed with when I first started getting really interested in the higher end makeup around 6 years ago, I have slowly prized myself away from benefit but this blush remains a strong contender in the makeup collection. It is a rose gold colour and features baked, powder, cream and fluid textures for brighter results. It’s just the business. I tend to use this again quite frequently and it really does have a brilliant colour pay off that lasts all day long.benefit_rockateur_face_powder_5g_1378109843


I discovered this on my recent trip to Selfridges, it’s a newish colour that nars have released and it’s just absolutely BEAUTIFUL. At the moment this is my favourite blush and I am going to be adding more to my collection. This is the soft red with golden sheen. It is very intense and literally needs the tiniest sweep for the ultimate colour payoff, it’s really good for using with contouring as it blends beautifully and is quite pigmented for that show stopping look. I use this mainly on the weekends, evenings, or literally a sweep in the week. It’s so so pretty.



Ok so technically this isn’t JUST blusher its a little trio compact of blush, highlighter and bronzer and is my go-to for the summer. It’s an ideal travel companion, its small and usually ends up living in my bag in the summer. The three colours can be used alone or used together to create a real natural glowing dewy finish. Again you really can go all out with this compact and build s bold contoured look for a night out or keep it simple for the daytime. I personally LOVE the highlighter on this and iv got to say it was my favourite until I came across….


The blush in this compact is just basically a really pale pink shimmer and great for when your on holiday in the evenings when you don’t want to cake your face in foundation and just fancy a nice sheen to them apples and lightly contour with the bronzer ( AGAIN super shimmery). BUT the really show stopper of this little trio has got to be the highlighter…wow what can I say, I use this for my cheekbones my collar bones, my nose my eyebrows my cupids bow MY EVERYTHING. You just need to buy it…K?

And last but by no means least…


This is an excellent blusher I picked up from Superdrug, it really does give your cheeks a statement colour and really makes them apples POP. For a high street blush at a really cheap price this delivers the ultimate pay off so you get fresh, bold colour in one sweep. What I love about this is how light it is on your cheeks, it doesn’t have a real over blushed look if you get me but looks super natural.

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until next time you little beauties X0X0

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