Girls H &M Mini Haul – Jersey Dresses

Good morning world! Hope you have all made the most of this weekend doing things you love! I had a little delivery yesterday so thought id share with you what i have bought for our holiday for Rose.

When we went to florida last time it was scorching, absolutely sweltering and although we packed shorts and t shirts for Rose we did take a jersey dress for her too and it ended up being her fave thing to wear whilst we were there.

So with that in mind i popped online to see what lightweight jersey dresses they had in stock and i was pleasantly surprised, especially with the price tags!dsc_41201368658907.jpg



So all of the above, minus the cat dress were a steal at £2.99 each! How fabulous is this? Im usually all over the next summer wear for Rose but im trying to keep costs down this year with saving for the wedding and all that!! (Girls gotta recoup somewhere). I even think the cat dress was around £5.00 which again is a bargain!

Now i couldn’t completely stay away from next as i did need to pick rose up some comfy sandals for all that walking around we are going to be doing but again i steered clear of the hefty price tags and managed to pick up this little spongy pair of sandals for £8.00! Granted they aren’t the best colour and my motto in life is usually fashion over function but hey, when your walking 20,000 steps a day that goes completely out of the window!


Lets just hope these save her little feet!!

Next weekend im heading off to primark to get the rest of our bits, ill be sure to share with you all!


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