Why I had Cosmetic surgery… And why it doesn’t always make you “fake” 

Welcome back to my blog and today I’m going to be talking about cosmetic surgery. 

The girls (and guys) we see in the press and magazines nowadays have all had a little something done here or there. A lot of people have cosmetic surgery for the pure buzz, to make themselves look better, for the careers or just for themselves. But there is an army of people out there who are quite single minded and would call people who have had cosmetic surgery done FAKE. 

Growing up I’d say I developed at a normal rate except for one thing, I always had NO BOOBS I mean none, they were that none existent I never had them measured and was completely embarrassed in a swimming costume or when I was with a boy. 
I became pregnant at the age of 22 and loved how my BOOBS made me feel. I felt like a woman! 

My other half had never seen me with my top of due to sheer embarrassment and after I gave birth I decided enough was enough and I opted for a good old boob job. 

Let me tell you, it was the best thing I ever did for myself and gave me a new lease of life. I’m more confident and happy in my own skin and no longer feel embarrassed to get the girls out.

I opted for a natural looking size as I’m curvy I needed some bang for my buck right? 

The point of this post for me is to just let everyone know out there that you shouldn’t judge people on the amount of surgery they have had or what they look like. You don’t know how they feel inside. 

My BOOBS turned my life around and I went from a depressed mess because of the way I looked to a happier confident person who will now happily take my little one swimming without being paranoid about my lack of chest. 

So Next time you even think someone looks fake just have a little think about what is going on inside their head they may be mentally ill x x x 
Much love xoxo

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

6 thoughts on “Why I had Cosmetic surgery… And why it doesn’t always make you “fake” 

  1. Babe you look nice no matter what..
    Nothing should rule ypur life thats the main thing.. whether its cosmetic surgeries or colored lenses.. i once wore hazel lens for my eyes. I got power.. i liked it more than my dark brown eyes.. but on second thought it wqs uncomfy after sometime
    I opted for natural eye lenses later
    So you see what works for us , we shoudl go ahead with it..
    Everything is there for a reason.. if something makes you happy after experimenting it.. why not..
    It was fun when inwore those lenses..
    I like my original eyes more but that was a roleplay for me.. felt like a superwomab for a while..
    We all need to give in to our whims

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  2. But there isnone thing i have observed… some cosmetologists thrive on people’s insecurities about the way they look.. thats where the problem comes.. if its your decision its K..
    but if someone imposes things on you thats when its a guilty decision…


  3. I was feeling so depressed in college.. i colored my hair into red.. completely… i wanted to be the odd one out.. i showed how i felt inside through my hair coloring decision.. impulsive confused rebellious…
    and now if i look back i dont regret at all.. it was fun.. i had the guts to do that.. even though some judged me…
    As long as we dont harm others, doesnt matter what we do with our bodies and faces and ourselves :))))

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