My relaxing day at the spa

So what a day today has been.

I have left Portland hall spa today feeling more revitalised and rejuvenated than I think I ever have in my whole life and the best part was this fabulous deal cost an unbelievable £69.00 from groupon!.

We arrived at the beautifully old converted church at 4pm this afternoon and were ushered into the lounge area were we were served with prosecco and given a menu to choose our lite bite before we headed off on our pamper session. Its so so pretty, with floor to ceiling stained glass and old Moroccan furniture.


I went for the Pate which was unreal. Followed by too many cocktails. We then retired back to the lounge which adjoins the eatery. It has such a gorgeous morrocan feel to it, everything from the relaxing tunes in the back ground ,throws on every surface, wooden furniture, budda statues everywhere and incense burning. How very feng shui?

After being sat relaxing with our feet up for around 20 minutes we were taken off for our treatments. Me and dave both went for the back shoulder and neck massage which was followed by a facial and a pink mud head massaging treatment.

The room was lit very dimly and the décor was just major relaxing once we had got onto them beds we didn’t want to get off. The massage was incredible and it relieved a lot of pressure points and knots I have been suffering with for a while it was a must for me.

Next was the facial. Why is it I do this every day to myself but it never feels as good as when you have it done professionally. Is it the products? Or the womans angel hands that made my face feel like it was the only face that had ever been touched in the whole world? Who knows!

Lastly was the pink mud treatment. Now don’t get me wrong this mud smelt incredible and felt incredible going onto my scalp, being rubbed and rubbed to encourage follicle stimulation and growth. It promises to deliver a lot, and although I left with my hair still caked in the stuff tied up in a bun on my head she promised leaving it overnight will do me wonders. Unfortunately for me I’m in work at 6 am so have just scrubbed my hair, yes it does feel fabulous but as for follicle stimulation? Well ill let you know.


Now were back home and have just ordered an india, korma for the boy and vindaloo for me. T T T Tastyyyyyyyy!

Enjoy your evening everyone


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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