Five things I can’t live without 

Hello girls and guys hope you’ve all had a nice weekend! Iv been in work all day today so my weekend starts tomorrow! (did I mention five weeks off?). 

So to kick of a short and sweet post whilst I’m in the bath I thought I’d tell you about things I can’t live without. 

My phone – it is permanently glued to my hand and there is no way on God’s planet you will ever see me without it. Except for that one time I put my phone on top of the car whilst I was putting rose in and then I just drove off. Sad times.

My urban decay brow box – I’m one of these girls that doesn’t really care about going out without makeup on. But there’s nobody except Dave who sees me without my eyebrows looking on point. I feel like if you have no eyebrows you have no face. Plus this brow box is just amaze! Powder, wax and mini tweezers and eyebrow brushes its too cute for words. 

My car- iv been driving a good old ten years now (Eek I’m old!) and I honestly do not know how people can go about life without being able to drive its the best thing I ever did. I swore when I was a kid I would never have a child unless I could drive, my mum used to make me wait hours in the cold and rain for buses that never turned up. Poor linds x

My family – specifically my baby girl my hubby, mum sisters brothers nieces nephews cousins you get the drill! Life isn’t worth living if you haven’t got those closet to you at your side through the good and the bad. My family are my world. 

Custard creams- There needs to be an addiction group for these bad boys. I can sit there with a coffee and wolf my way through a twin pack without feeling guilty in the slightest. 

So there you have it my five things I can’t live without! 
Until next time x

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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