Amsterdam – Crepes, red light district and filming with Towie

Hi Guys and welcome back to my blog!

I’m Back from Amsterdam and all that I can say is WOW, we have had such an amazing few days and seen things we never thought we would!. It is such a beautiful place and to top it off the weather whilst we were there was absolutely beautiful.

So here is a little of what we got up to on our stay!

We arrived about 8 am and hopped onto the train at the Airport and headed off to central station which only took about 15 minutes. It was so convenient and quick!. Once we got off the train we looked at the trusted google maps and found our hotel was only a 20 minute walk away so we thought we might aswell burn off any calories we were about to consume and take  walk through the city to our hotel.

Once we got there we found we were right next to all of the museums and easy walking distance from all of the cafes, bars and restaurants so once we had dumped our bags we headed off for a little drink whilst we decided what to do with our day.

After a little drink in the sun we took a little walk around looking for a “coffee shop”, it didn’t end well in there to be honest and Dave got a little worse for wear so after a mars bar and a pint of water and sugar he was right as rain so off we popped to the Ice bar.

Now the Ice Bar, at -9.5 we weren’t expecting to be able to stay in there long just long enough to actually see it and experience it, three minutes later we decided we couldn’t physically stay in there any longer and had to leave. Despite them giving us coats and gloves the temperature was something I cant even explain we literally felt like our facial expressions were freezing over BUT it was awesome. Everything was made out of ice, the seats the walls the glasses. It really was incredible!

After the Ice bar came food. Now Amsterdam has got the cutest little patisseries dotted about the place and you are never far away from a crepe or a waffle cooked fresh whilst you wait. We have literally ate our weight in food these past two days and now I am seriously paying for it but when places look this cute and the food looks so tasty how can you say no?

Once night time arrived we decided to head off to the red light district to see what all the fuss was about. Oh my goodness, I have never seen so many beautiful women in my whole life. I had such a preconception of what the Prostitutes would look like and imagined them to have no teeth boy was that far from the truth. They were absolutely stunning!

We went to the Cassa Rosso and Banana Bar which are basically live sex shows. Everyone is cramped into a cinema style room and you pay through the nose at £100.00 Euros per couple (with two free drinks each) and basically just sit there and watch the show. It felt so so surreal!!! Then I ended up getting dragged up on stage and having a lap dance of one of the WOMEN!.  I actually did not know what to do or were to look. Its very rare I get lost for words but this was one of them situations.  As for the Banana bar. Well, think bananas and body parts, you can actually pay the girls 25 Euros to eat a banana out of their……….lady bits. My god.

Whilst we were in the Red light I had a text off a friend saying TOWIE (The only way is Essex its a reality tv show in england) were in Amsterdam filming and that they were looking for Extras, all’s we had to do was get dressed up and head down to a local club were our name would be on a guest list and then shoot for five hours whilst being plied with free alcohol and food. Not to mention getting to actually meet the cast. So we thought hey why not you only live once!. So basically me and Dave both signed contracts which means we cant discuss what went on however we will be on the telly (hopefully) on the 9th of April for all of you Towie lovers!

Now don’t get me wrong we had a fabulous day and its something we will never get to do again I was a bit gutted because we literally missed out on a whole day of sightseeing. But hopefully towards the end of the year we will get back there to finish were we left off. I’m ashamed to say we didn’t visit ONE single museum, this was the whole point of me wanting to go there!

Amsterdam has got to be up there with my favourite places to visit, the people were lovely, the food was incredible (Especially in the Hard rock café) and although we nearly got killed on numerous occasions by rogue cyclists mounting pavements it really is so very chilled out watching everyone go about their day on their bicycles and not traffic upon traffic of cars.  One thing me and Dave noticed about the bikes was the fact they were all so old! I mean they literally look like they have been passed down through generations. Needless to say we never rented a bike, I wanted to make it home in one piece and there was no way that would have happened if we had rented one. I can just about drive a car and that has four wheels.

So there is so so much more to tell you about this beautiful place but in an effort to keep my post short and sweet I am going to just show you instead.

I cant wait to return to Amsterdam!! Now though its time to detox my body, two days of drinking and eating rubbish has made me feel Bleurgh!!!


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

7 thoughts on “Amsterdam – Crepes, red light district and filming with Towie

  1. Wow! Your trip looks so fun and amazing! The food is to die for and your experience at the Red Light district was by far the most entertaining. It definitely looks like a place you’d go more than once to fully enjoy! The Ice Bar looks so cool! Imagine if you could take one of the ices glasses home as a souvenir? Haha! Thoroughly enjoyed your post Darling! 💜

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  2. Thanks hun it was unbelievable it really was! We will Definetly be going back!!!! The ice bar was probably my fave but it was just way too cold to stay for the suggested 1 hour! Lol x thanks for reading x


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