Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick review

Hello! Welcome back to my blog and happy Wednesday! So with it being half way through the week and me feeling like iv not really been making the effort using my new lipsticks I decided this week to make sure I’m wearing the new Vice liquid lipsticks every day (since Saturday).

I Purchased backtalk, amulet, crimson and conspiracy a few weeks ago and did a haul post about it. After using these continuously this week and throughout the past few weeks I think its time to give Urban Decay a big pat on the back.

Now from the metallic range I chose Conspiracy, I wanted something dark something with a bit of sparkle that I could wear on a night out or just when I want to really glam up my day look. This is a beautiful shade, true to its word it has excellent staying power the only thing I disliked about this was the glitter is quite bitty on your lips but for the look its totally worth it.



Now onto Crimson, this is a beautiful shade of red, its matte it dries super quick and stays put id say for at least a good 4/5 hours before you need to retouch. For me it didn’t crack and didn’t make my lips feel dry.



Conspiracy and Crimson swatches


Backtalk is my favourite the colour is just beautiful it a beautiful dusky pink/mauve look about it and what you see is what you get with this. The colour is exactly the same on as it is in the tube. Its seriously beautiful (how many times can I say beautiful in a paragraph!). This colour I find lasts the longest now I don’t know if its because its closer to my lip colour that I haven’t really noticed it disappearing but it does last a good full day. It goes on smooth one coat is all that’s needed for an excellent payoff.


Last but not least there’s Amulet. Wow this colour is just stunning! This is a real all rounder, it can be worn in the daytime but has a tiny bit of sparkle in it which would give a beautiful subtle night time look. It does look a lot darker in the tube than it does on the skin but that’s fine with me it really is gorgeous.

All in all I’m super impressed with the Vice liquid lipsticks, I’m definitely going to be purchasing some more to add to the collection but first I need to decide what colours? hmmmmmmm…..decisions decisions.


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