A successful day for me! 

Hello everyone! So after a long day I’m finally home sitting down enjoying a glass of wine and looking at my beautiful flowers I received from placement today. 

I just wanted to give myself a pat on the back to be honest. I never ever thought I would be clever or good enough to even attempt to be a nurse and today I finished my final placement in second year. I have Ten months until I’m a fully qualified registered general nurse!. I’m so so proud to have made it this far. 
As my mum always says “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” and it’s true! If you have a dream don’t let fear hold you back! 2017 is the year for us to all be girl bosses and I truly believe we can do it!!!!! I wish I’d have stopped doubting myself along time ago but I guess that’s what makes us all human eh! 

Now I’m off for a bubble bath and will post something a little more interesting tomorrow then Saturday is spa day! A lovely little end of placement chill out time for me and D and I cannot wait! 


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

10 thoughts on “A successful day for me! 

  1. Congratulations! What a great accomplishment =) I love reading things like this. It really is true that if you have a goal in mind, once you stick to it you will get there, nothing is impossible. Enjoy your relaxation, well deserved!


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