The daily struggles of  wearing glasses  

Yeah I know us four eyed FREAKS Rule! glasses are so Hot at the moment you are guaranteed to find non prescription lenses at most fashion stores across the world. 

HOWEVER, what i don’t understand is the reasons why people would want to put themselves through unnecessary grief in the aid of fashion? 


You’ll never understand the hardship of the winter and walking from outside into a warm room. Your glasses instantly steam up and you can’t see a bloody thing. Likewise If you remove said glasses to clean and still can’t see because you don’t have them on! 


For the girls wearing makeup how many times a day do we have to take of our spex dab our nose bridge and clean the glasses again due to makeup build up!? TOO MANY TIMES I SAY! 


“IV JUST HAD THEM! I was brushing my teeth and then they were gone” you search for hours because they got lost only to realise they are still on your face. 


“you really suit them but do you actually need them or are they just for fashion? ” YES Sandra you idiot I choose to wear these 90% of the day because they make me look good. 


your glasses have seen more eyes than an optician themselves, and you constantly have to clean them coz you feel bad saying no to 20 year old Julie who thinks she looks bang on trend with them. 


ANY wet weather is NOT OUR FRIEND…. You nip out for your shopping and if you are unlucky enough to be greeted with rain your glasses are always the first thing to take a soaking, the worst part is then trying to clean them with your wet jumper leaving smudges and you have to try and drive home with said smudges on your glasses and hope not to kill anyone. 

People really do not understand our struggles….. To all the spectacle wearers out there….. I SALUTE YOU! 


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

9 thoughts on “The daily struggles of  wearing glasses  

    1. Do u know what else I hate? I hate that I spend hours doing my eye makeup for it to be hidden on nights out OR not being able to wear false lashes because they touch my glasses! Eek! X


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