E.L.F Makeup Brush Haul

Hello beautifuls! Happy Easter!

Whilst I was on my jollies I popped into my favourite place in the world – super target. I’d been after trying out the Elf makeup brushes for a while and heard that target not only stock them but they are cheaper abroad than back in the UK.

I was flabbergasted when I realised how much cheaper. I picked up most of the brushes for ONE Dollar! The equivalent of about £0.70 in GBP. You guys know I LOVE a bargain so I picked a few up. The all over face brush and the stipple brush were 3 dollars but hey still super super cheap.

How do I find them? Honestly they are Smashing! They are super soft, clean really well and apply like any of my other real technique brushes.

I would Definetly 100% recommend them!

Speak soon dolls


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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