MAJOR CRINGE – At my hubby’s expense, cling film and naked body parts.


Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I would share with you one of the most epic cringe worthy moments that my poor other half experienced whilst on holiday in Egypt with his ex girlfriend many years ago.

I love this story so much that I always end up crying with laughter so I thought id share it with you!

So, Daves in Egypt enjoying some time away from his busy schedule with his ex who suggests they head off for a spa day. Dave loves a good old spa so obviously he agreed and off they went.

When they arrived they picked from the menu which treatment they would like, now although he cant remember the name of the treatment he knows it was some sort of wrap.

So firstly he’s taken to a small room and the guy working there says in a very strong accent “Mr Dave take off your pants too”. So Dave feeling a little awkward removed his pants.

Standing there stark bollock naked the guy gets down to his knees (Eye level with penis) and begins to rub mud up and down daves legs whilst Dave stands there feeling the most awkward he has ever felt.

Once his body has been caked in mud he begins wrapping Dave up in what he can only describe as cling film from head to toe like a burrito. (Still stark bollock naked)

He manages to get Dave to lie down on a big stone slab (he’s literally wrapped so tight he cannot move arms by side). Dave lies down and the guy says he will be back in 15 minutes. So he does just that, opens the door and walks out. Door still wide open.

So imagine your naked wrapped in cling film on a stone slab with a door wide open, this door opens up to the whole street outside.

After a minute or two a congregation of women begin to gather outside giggling and pointing saying god knows what in foreign languages. Dave cannot move, he begins trying to wiggle around like a fish which was a complete waste of time as he wasn’t going anywhere. After Dave had basically put on a free peep show to the whole of Egypt the guy walks back in and just says “Oh I’m sorry Mr Dave, Ladies all saw your sausage”.

To this day Dave will not be receiving treatments that involve cling film or mud of any kind.



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