My Lip Filler Experience

Hello my gorgeous people how are you all doing this fine day? As promised i thought id pop on here and tell you all about my Lip Filler experience and how i feel about them.

So iv always been super happy with my lips, I love the shape of them but i just felt they were soooo FLAT. I have been thinking about getting my lips done for so long but always found an excuse to back out. I’m not particularly scared of needles i was just worried that i wouldn’t look like me anymore if that makes sense?

So anyway, i did my research and found someone fabulous (who i also used to work with) she made me feel so at ease and looking through her before and after photos of her clients i was super pleased i had chose to go with her.

She applied numbing cream all over my mouth and left it to work for about 15 minutes. I went for a full 1ml of revolax as my lips were quite big and half a ml wouldn’t have made a difference. First she injected into the outer corners of my lips and up towards the boarder. It wasn’t painful going in but when i felt the filler actually enter my lips it did sting a bit, im not going to lie!

Then she went to work on the rest of my lips. I think i had in total around six injection sites. Afterwards i felt NO pain at all and still haven’t, they just looked super swollen like i had been stung by a bee. I just made sure I followed all the aftercare advice I was given, I Iced my lips for a day or two intermittently. I had Zero bruising until day , she did advise me to get some arnica but to be honest I wasn’t bothered about the bruise, nothing that a bit of concealer wouldn’t hide!.

Straight after procedure
Morning after
36 Hours
48 Hours
Day 3
Day 3

I am sooo happy with the results! The procedure definitely has NOT put me off getting them done again. One thing I would say is if you are considering getting this done PLEASE do your research, I cant stress enough how important it is. The last thing you want is some cowboy ruining your face.

Any questions feel free to ask! and as always thanks for stopping by!


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