No i didn’t get kidnapped…Family days, nursing life and lip fillers.

Hello gorgeous people! How are you all? Its been FOREVER since I wrote a blog post and to be honest I dont really have any excuse other than I’m back to working full time after 3 long hard years in uni and well, this just took a back seat unfortunately.

I’m absolutely loving my job! It’s fab, the team is unreal and I genuinely feel like iv landed my dream job. Woop.


We have had such a crazy few months, like super mad. There have been sooooo many parties, fambo get togethers, wedding planning, Instagram building, dieting. I’m really enjoying 2018 and hope the next six months of the year can top the first.

Last week I took the plunge and got my lips done for the first time. That’s another post for another day but just to say I absolutely love them!


A few weeks back I drove a golf buggy for the first time at my nieces 2nd birthday at the golf club. It was AWESOME.

We finally booked our wedding photographer! Yay! 14 months to go.

Iv been uploading Loads on Instagram sharing my food diary and general piccies. I absolutely love photography at the moment and I’m dying to get a new cam. Go and have a mooch on my insta!


Iv converted from wine to Gin. No regrets.


And iv just had a lovely week off in the sunshine making memories with my little babes!



I promise I’m going to start uploading more frequently!

Thanks to all of you who have stuck around x x

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

5 thoughts on “No i didn’t get kidnapped…Family days, nursing life and lip fillers.

  1. congrats on your new job, hope its going well, they are absolutely shattering for the first few months but you’ll get used to it in no time 🙂 xxx

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