GUEST POST – BeaFree spills the beans on creating a successful blog

Guys I’m so so lucky! I actually cannot believe Bea has created a guest post for me! Have a read and please go and check her out HERE! She’s amazing! One of the most inspirational fabulous women i have met on my little corner of the internet.

So here she is…..Bea its all yours!

Did the gorgeous Lindsay just ask me, Bea, from to write a guest blog post for her amazing blog? She sure did! First off, I want to start by saying this is a true honor and privilege to be asked by another blogger to write a guest post for their blog. Blogs are so special, because they are your own little creation, your part of the world where you can express yourself freely and therefore I want to thank Lindsay immensely for this opportunity.

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering, Bea, what on earth are you going to be writing about in this featured post?! Well….I’m here to talk about my own blog, where it started, how it started, how it’s gotten to where it is today and some helpful tips and pointers to get you to wherever it is you want to be with your own blog. Before getting down to the nitty gritty of this all I want to make a disclaimer which is I AM NOT A BLOG GURU, I’m just here to share my own experience and thoughts for your enjoyment.

Where It Began:

Blogging has been a part of my life since I was about 11. I started blogging on Tumblr sharing my thoughts and feelings as well as my observations of life itself. Eventually I stopped expressing myself on Tumblr via words and just started to reblog photos. A couple years of simply reblogging photos I decided I needed to vent, I needed a method of expressing everything running through my head, so once again I turned to blogging but this time on another site. I continued that blog for a little but it got absolutely no view other than my own views, how sad…I know. It was quite frustrating that I was taking the time out of my day to write these things and no one cared enough to read them. I became discouraged but continued to blog a bit more until eventually I thought that it was best that I simply delete everything on the blog and act as if it never existed.

In 2016, in the mist of college work, life decisions and anxiety I thought I needed an outlet so once again I turned to blogging, my outlet since I was 11. I created my very first blog post on WordPress about a Brunch With A View and of course…it got nearly no views but this time I didn’t care, I enjoyed writing, I enjoyed sharing my photography so although no one read it, I kept on writing post and after post. Not only was I writing more but I was also using hashtags so that my posts were more likely to show up if people searched for those words. I also spent more time reading other blogs, commenting on other people’s work and liking what they had to say. In a sense, I became much more active than I had in any of my other blogs before.

How Did I Grow:

Is it bad that I want to say this has to be pure luck? I mean, I’ve shared with you all my previous attempts at making a blog, a majority of them have failed getting nearly no views or reads. It takes time. I know that people hate to hear that but it’s something that I’ve realized, maybe it’s now that with age I’ve come to the realization that typically, time will figure most things out on its own or perhaps I see that from my own blog…it took time to grow but it definitely happened.

Where I Am Now:

It’s been about two years since I started BeaFreee and I am currently at 8,000 followers…I actually haven’t even shared with anyone that I recently reached 8,000 so you’re all the first to know! Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to blog as much as I want to because I have a full time teaching job that takes up a majority of my time and since it is my first year teaching, I am extra stressed out about it all! I still come onto my blog to read other people’s posts and check up on my favorite bloggers. I also keep in touch with some of the bloggers via my Instagram by liking their photos and messaging them from time to time.

Tips & Advice:

I have a bunch of blog posts on blogging advice but I will quickly just bullet a few things to keep in mind:

  • READ AND COMMENT – how else will people know you exist if you don’t get yourself out there and read and comment on other people? When you read and comment on other blogs those people will more than likely go ahead and check out what you have to share.

  • HASHTAG– every blog post you write should have appropriate hashtags to go along with it so that people that are looking for a specific post are more likely to find yours. I stress that you make the hashtags appropriate because if not they will serve no purpose to the people that are searching for specific things. I also want to stress – no more than 15 hashtags! It’s a blogging no no to have more than 15 hashtags.

  • CHALLENGE – I challenge myself every now and then to write each day of a month and I find that whenever I do that my views are through the roof! Perhaps try doing that yourself.

  • FOLLOW BACK – See a blog you like? Follow them, don’t try to be stingy and get all the followers yourself but then never follow people back. Oh, but don’t be one of those people that follows and then unfollows…lame.

  • MAKE FRIENDS- I have virtually met some wonderful people through my blog so I definitely stress that you get in contact with people and write guest posts for them, this is a great way of sharing each others blogs.

  • BE PATIENT- It won’t happen right away, you won’t magically wake up one morning with 1,000 more followers…although if you do, props to ya! It takes time to grow so just be patient.

  • BE YOURSELF – As they say, everyone else is taken so just be yourself. Share what you like, be kind and be who you are. There is no need to try to impress someone, this is your blog space for you to be who you are!

Well, that is all I have to share. Once again Lindsay, thank you so very much for asking me to do this guest post. It has been a true pleasure. As for everyone else reading this, thank you so much for dropping by and giving this a read, while you’re here don’t forget to give Lindsay a massive follow and many likes and comments!

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