The Weekend Low Down

Hello beautiful people welcome back to my blog! How has your weekend been?

For once mine has been somewhat relaxing (until 1pm when i head off for a shift at work). Saturday morning Rose decided she didn’t fancy swimming lessons so instead i did some washing whilst she played and had a lovely bowl of fruit and porridge. NOM. Since being back on slimming world iv remembered why i love this healthy lifestyle so much. I realised i wasnt eating enough fruit or veg before and i dont know why as i LOVE it.


After breakfast we ran some errands, picked up some shopping and visited Dave’s nan and cousin. Saturday morning over we headed to Rose’s favourite place in the world, the jungle. Oh ma gawd. For those who dont know the jungle is a massive soft play centre local to were we live. I usually avoid it like the plague on Saturdays as its just too busy. There were two kids parties on and they were just running around like wild banshees. I developed somewhat of a headache the hour we were there and was dying for a hot chocolate and a cake but NO, i was not defeated!

Queue the lunch option…..


Thats right guys, a good old jacket potato and salad, all completely on plan.

When we got home we had a lovely little afternoon just chilling out and watching rubbish on telly. Then i decided to take myself off for a little pamper in the bath. Bubbles in the bath, bubbles in the glass. Winning at life.

Once i was face masked out, soft in places i didnt know existed and relaxed i hopped out, got into my jarmies and headed down stairs to order some food. We opted for chinese as its the safest choice for my diet. Just a plain old chicken curry and boiled rice, nothing too fancy but it filled a hole.

We popped the little one to bed and then relaxed on the couch watching impractical jokers, its absolutely hilarious. Those guys got some balls!

Fast forward to this morning, we had breakfast in bed and watched the Zombie movie, its like a weird version of high school musical. Roses choice of course.


At the moment im cooking SW chips, egg and beans for dinner before i head off to work. My first one of four. Im not complaining though because after wednesday that student uniform is getting shredded making way for my new one. Wowzers.

Has anyone been up to anything exciting this weekend? We are off to florida in a few weeks so ill be positing this week with our itinerary. We are super organised!

Love you all!


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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