Home decor – Let’s cut the mustard

Mustard – literally this colour is life at the Mo for me. I decided a few weeks ago that my grey themed living room really needed a pop of colour adding to it.

It was grey but it looked Grey if you get me? It looked super sad and gloomy.

So I decided enough was enough and went and picked up a nice artisan rug from next to brighten the place up along with some new throws and trinkets from home sense.

My absolute fave piece is this pineapple tray. I got it in the reduced section for around ten pounds which was over half price off! I absolutely love a bargain.

I was a bit skeptical at first that I’d chose a rose gold one after most of my decor is in silver but after I added a few more pieces to the tray with hints of rose gold in them I just fell in LOVE.

Now, with winter really in our midst I really need to start shopping around for some red accessories (getting in that Christmassy spirit, get me?).

Mustard is beautiful but I’m just thinking that now it may be time for a switch around, I’m not feeling that it’s a very festive colour to be fair.

Does anyone else change up accessories seasonally? I feel like the pineapple tray may have to take a back seat aswell, it doesn’t scream winter to me but I’m not sure I can pack it away for another season. It just doesn’t sit well with me.


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15 thoughts on “Home decor – Let’s cut the mustard

  1. Love the mustard colours! We have grey to in the sitting room to and we recently spruced it up with orange 🙂 Defo makes all the difference and has turned it into a room we want to be in 🙂
    PS Welcome back little lady xx

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      1. All good over here! Battening down the hatches with this cold weather!! How is it your way?? The orange was a nice pick me up alright! Love the pineapple plate though, so cute! xx

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  2. I just recently started changing decor with the seasons and quite enjoy it. I used to have a completely white and beige home but now I have added colours and it makes it feel a lot more like my home.

    The mustard looks really nice. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Not gonna lie, I have the same thoughts about changing decor in my home during different seasons. But, I decided that inside my home can be whatever season I want it to be. 30 degrees outside? Well come in and enjoy my pink flowers and pineapple objects! Forgot that it’s an icebox outside!

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  4. I am OBCESSED with the colour musturd right now! I want it in my home, clothing, everything. I do understand the need for change though, musturd seems like more of a Summer and Autumn colour.

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