Getting my winter on..

Hello my little snowflakes!!

Can you actually believe its that time of year again, Halloween is done and bonfire night will be just another foggy memory by tomorrow. It may be getting colder outside but there is just something about this time of year that makes my stomach do somersaults with excitement.

My favourite gingerbread lattes have started making an appearance, the leaves that have fallen off the trees are just beautiful and I always start experimenting with different hearty recipes in the kitchen to warm us up on a winter night.


I love fluffy dressing gowns, long baths, comfy slippers, mulled wine, mince pies and of course spending time with the family. This time of year for me really is magical in every single way. I may be 28 and to be honest I don’t really care about presents at Christmas but the run up and seeing the excitement on my little ones face throughout December really is just the best feeling in the world.

Is anyone else on the winter appreciation train with me? XOXO


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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