Pallet furniture – the finished  product! 

I’m ashamed! After blogging every day since February somewhere along the line I ended up major busy. 

Uni work has taken over my life and this pallet upcycle has taken up all of my free time I literally haven’t had time to read anyone’s blogs let alone catch up with my own writing! 

Anyway, as promised here is the finished product! 

The most expensive part of this project was the foam! It came in at a ridiculous £200, nearly three times as much as the pallets. We have ordered some dark red perspex for the coffee table which is on route! 
The spot lights were reasonable at around £30.00 and the fabric was only £30.00.

We started this project after looking at buying rattan garden furniture, but the size we wanted was coming in at around £1200 which I was not prepared to pay. 

I think in total this project has cost around £400.00 so it was Definetly worth doing it ourselves and the best part is that it’s completely personalised and exactly how we want it! 



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23 thoughts on “Pallet furniture – the finished  product! 

  1. 👌👌👍👍😮😮 That looks so good!!! Well done!!!! The foam?? I have no idea how to even go find that… I would have thought the lights would be the most exp!! Xx

      1. I can image! At least it was cut already when delivered. I made the lack table hack from Ikea and turned them into futons. I used the foam from an old couch we were throwing away….. It was only when I saw you ordered it that I thought that’s what I’ll look into next time I get a DIY brain wave.

        The hack I used for our sitting room is here:
        Just in case you needed another new job 🙂


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