Pallet Furniture and gardening

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog! I haven’t posted for a couple of days and not because i haven’t wanted to but we have been super super busy!

We spent a little too much money on Sunday at the garden centre and have started to get the garden looking pristine for the summer (photographs to follow).

I was working from home yesterday and got alot of uni stuff done but in between working i was browsing pintrest and came across the pallet garden furniture. I showed it to Dave and instantly we fell in love and had ordered 25 Euro pallets to be delivered today. Whoops.


So this is our inspo! We have decided on dark wood with bright cushions because our garden is primarly a medium to dark brown so in order to keep it all themed we opted for brown. Daves plans for our corner unit are coming together and he is even putting a beer cooler in the corner and spotlights! I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Anyway for now im in uni, just about to head off to my first lecture of year three….*pooping pants*.

Have a great day everyone and ill update you with our upcycle project shortly!



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13 thoughts on “Pallet Furniture and gardening

      1. I laid then down in my garden to make rows for my vegetables and leaned them against my shed so that vegetables could grow up them. I also had someone disassemble one and make me mini ladders that I use for bookshelves


  1. Oh my god I love this idea! Some friends of mine stained some pallets and stacked them to use as a TV unit and they look amazing! We have massive garden plans this year too, Im no where near to doing any of the fun stuff like choosing furniture yet! Cant wait to see your finished result xx

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