My Five Weeks Off Is Nearly Over!

Do you remember when i posted A successful day for me! ? That was nearly FIVE weeks ago!

I finished my last placement of second year with absolute excitement at having a lovely five weeks off Uni before i head into my last year of my degree. I just cant believe i have one week left before i’m back in full time and back to the jam packed life that springs upon me with every new semester.

I had so many plans for these five weeks off and i have barely done anything. Im so disappointed with myself! I wanted to go to the gym EVERY DAY and regain some control over that aspect of my life, i wanted to do lots of outdoor activities with Rose. There is just so much i didn’t do and i feel like i have majorly wasted my free time and it has made me feel a bit fed up to be honest.

On the subject of getting back into the swing of the gym, does anyone out there have any advice for me? Im an all or nothing girl, i either smash it 100% or go full circle and turn into a slob. Although i have been going twice a week its not exactly my idea of “smashing it”.

On a brighter note though here are a few things i did manage to do over the past five weeks:

  • I learnt to Knit, granted not very well but i actually learnt! Something i said i was going to try and achieve with my time off.
  • Me and Dave explored Amsterdam – It was incredible.
  • We did lots of family outings to the cinemas and little meals, shopping and a day out to the circus.
  • I baked ALOT something that i havent been able to do in a while and something i remembered how much i loved.
  • I managed to paint my nails! WOOO! i know this doesnt seem like a major achievement to you guys but trust me when you work in healthcare and you are not allowed to wear nail polish painting your nails can only mean one thing – TIME OFF.
  • I decorated the hall! It was desperate for a revamp.
  • I planted my own flower seeds to watch them grow and even started an indoor veggie garden.
  • I up cycled alot of charity buys – this something that i really enjoy doing.
  • Most  importantly before the Easter holidays i was able to take Rose to and from school, attend all her assembly’s and enjoy being able to put her to bed myself every night. Small things really do mean the world.

Here is to hoping the weather this week is nice so i can take Rose to the farm and really enjoy some quality time with her before we both go back to school.


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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

15 thoughts on “My Five Weeks Off Is Nearly Over!

  1. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do everything you wanted to. You’ve done great things and you had a great time. That’s good enough for me. Will you have time to go to the gym every day once you go back to school?

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      1. Honey, you’re a strong woman and a girl boss and you can do anything you want if you just get yourself organized, which you are also good at. I believe in you and I feel like I know you already so I know you can make it happen

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  2. Sounds like you achieved lots of great things in the 5 week break! Just remember to focus on all the brilliant things you have done and what you focus on you’ll get more of! x

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