The Awesome Blogger Award

Hello everyone and a huge Happy Easter to you all! For those who gave up chocolate for lent, well congratulations you can now stuff your faces!!

So i have received another award this morning for which i was nominated by my beautiful friend Cheila, she is such a fantastic person and has really been someone who has helped me on my blogging journey. She is an inspirational person with a heart of gold and if  you haven’t read her blog they boy are you missing out!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Include the reason behind the award.
  3. Include the banner in your post.
  4. Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader.
  5. Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
  6. Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers.
  7. Give your nominees 10 new questions to answer.
  8. Let your nominees know that they’ve been nominated!

Cheila’s questions:

  1. What change would you like to see in the world? Honestly, i would love to see an end to war, to all the hatred in the world.
  2. What is your cause? I dont really know what to say for this but if you mean by charity’s ect i would have to say cancer research uk.
  3. What would you like to know more about? History! I love everything about it.
  4. Could you go a week without your phone? Most Definitely not.
  5. How often would you like to blog and what content would you like to offer if you had no limitations? I try to blog daily at the moment as for content i dont believe that we do have any limitations and i think we should be free to talk about whatever we see fit!
  6. What did you do on your last vacation? Drank too much and walked too far.
  7. What is the greatest lesson you’ve ever learned? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  8. What is your best, healthiest habit? I drink a ton of water every day.
  9. What is love, in your point of view? Being someones best friend as well as lover, love is honesty, trustworthiness and total contentment.
  10. What do you think was the world’s worst invention? And the best? Worst invention – Money, Best invention, Money.

My Nominees

  1. Mumundone
  2. starringpamela
  3. Megalas Kitchen
  4. beyoutifulgal
  5. fitnessandfueling

My Questions

  1. Favourite time of the day?
  2. If you could eat one food forever what would it be?
  3. Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
  4. What is the best advice you have ever received?
  5. What is the most surreal thing that has ever happened to you?
  6. Why did you start your blog?
  7. Do you have any hidden talents?
  8. What are your future aspirations?
  9. If you could live in any country where would that be?
  10. What is your favourite part of the blogging world?

I cant wait to hear all of your answers!




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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

12 thoughts on “The Awesome Blogger Award

  1. Helloooo!! I’ve just come across your blog and it’s the cutest thing ever!!! I’m so happy I’ve found it – ending war in the world would be an absolute dream ❤ ❤ I couldn't agree more! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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