The Circus, Nando’s and upside down Motorbikes

Hey everyone! How gorgeous has the weather been today! (well it has down my neck of the woods anyway). I absolutely love being able to get out in the sunshine and spend time with my two loves. As you know if you read this mornings post we headed to Southport today to the Circus. I shit you not I actually felt like I was on my hols.


First stop before the circus….NANDOS!…..I thought id go for half a chicken with rice and fries. I didn’t actually realise how big half a chicken was until it was covering my entire plate. Needless to say I ate a good 90% of it and loved every bite.

The circus was absolutely unbelievable, we saw classic jugglers, trapeze acts, unicycles you know, the norm and don’t get me wrong they were fantastic but what the second half of the show delivered was spectacular. One of the acts had three crosser motorbikes inside a small cage driving in and out of each other and upside down at a ridiculous pace. I was certain I was going to end up on stage putting my nursing skills to the test. It was AWESOME.


Once the show finished we took a walk through the harbour where there were boats, live singers, bands and people just relaxing on any piece of grass they could find. It was beautiful.

Once we had ridden the carousel a few times and admired the beautiful views we headed off to an Italian restaurant for something to eat that we had a reservation for, we had a groupon voucher we needed to use up but to be fair I would have preferred to starve, it was awful. Usually I would complain, I am not one to keep my mouth shut if theres something I’m not happy with BUT, the staff were lovely and  there was only the three of us in the whole restaurant so I don’t know but I just felt super awkward.

Obviously after a crappy meal we needed ice cream fix so we headed over to the pier head and got to pick our poison, I went for baileys obvs.


Tonight I plan to drink a hell of a lot of water to flush all the rubbish out of my body that has been consumed over the past 24 hours, put my feet up and just relax!

Has anyone got any plans for this evening? XOXO


Dave trying his best to Lasoo after the circus.



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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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