Hey everyone! So yesterday in the spare of the moment (they dont nickname me last minute lindz for nothing you know) i headed off to my local garden centre for a mooch around with my mum. I do love the garden centre there’s something so relaxing and calm about it!

It is literally the CUTEST and gives me so much inspiration for tarting up my garden this summer.


Whilst i was there i randomly decided that i was going to try and start my own little indoor veggie garden in my conservatory so i bought a tomato plant, a strawberry plant, chives and some pepper seeds. Iv planted potato peelings and started working on my spring onions. I am terrible at gardening but apparently a child could grow these quite easily.


Then today i picked up just a mixed packet of flower seeds for £1.00 and thought id sew them too. Im sick of paying through the nose every year for my hanging baskets to look awesome when i can do it myself for 1% of the price!…

This whole “lets start a veggie patch” epiphany that i have had though has straight away made my No spend April none existent and its only day 4. I Also went to the schools Easter bingo this afternoon, spent money i didn’t have and won absolutely bugger all.

Im so ashamed! SEND HELP!

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.


  1. I cannot go to these places! I have no garden and I long for one. These places just depress me 😦 They are always FULL of what I want and its horrible having nowhere to put them! Good luck with you plants xxxx

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  2. This garden looks super cute and relaxing! I have never tried to grow my own plants before but it seems really fun and fulfilling growing one. Like your little baby. In no time you’ll have green fingers!

    Great post!

    Pearl |

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    1. Oh thank you!!!! Me neither, when my dad was alive he was constantly in the garden and although I hate gardening and I’m no good at it I love the result at the end fingers crossed I can at least grow a plant lol x

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