5 Things I Don’t Mind Splurging on

Hello everyone i hope you are all well and your day is going great so far. Today i thought i would share with you the top 5 things i don’t mind spending the extra cash on.


I’m a huge Lancôme fan when it comes to skin care and if you have read my post on Lancôme facial products or used them yourself you will know that Lancôme is quite expensive but in my eyes totally worth the cash. After all your skin is the largest organ in/on the body and therefore it is definitely worth investing in.




Obviously there are some super high street foundations out there and I’m definitely partial to good old Rimmel however i have found there is no foundation out there that hydrates and makes my skin feel as good as Urban Decays Naked Skin does. It is expensive – ish but this is one thing i definitely do not begrudge spending my hard earned cash on.


Ciroc/Grey Goose Vodka

Plenty of times in the past i have drank way too much cheap vodka and paid for it for days after with raging hangovers that would quite easily render a rhino unconscious. One thing i have learnt since becoming a mum is that i do not under any circumstances want to have my head down a toilet after a night out or to be left with a headache that resembles my head being stuck in a slowly turning vice. So i was introduced to the more expensive of vodkas on a night out after refusing to drink out of fear of a hangover. I have never looked back since. I probably have a drink two or three times a month either in the house or on a night out but can honestly say since drinking the more expensive vodkas i haven’t suffered with a hangover and can quite easily function the next day. Result!


Children’s Shoes

As a child i grew up always wearing Clarke’s shoes, always getting my feet measured every six weeks and always having quite a small-ish collection of shoes to choose from when we went on the 6 weekly shoe run to Clarkes.

Now since Rose has been able to walk her shoes have all been from Clarkes, with the exception of converse ect. I just feel whilst children are spending the majority of their time on their feet and in school they need to have shoes that fit properly and i just don’t feel like supermarkets can offer the comfort that Clarkes shoes can. Yes they are on the more expensive side but feet are carrying us forever! Definitely a worth while investment early on in life me thinks.



I know if it gets cut it grows and that if you bleach it too much it snaps and yes its not the end of the world but after many horrendous box dyes as a teenager i realised i could not let my hair be put through the torture anymore. At the tender age of 18 i found my hairdresser and have stuck with her for the past 10 years, i will occasionally visit other hairdressers in an emergency situation for a hair up or a blow dry but i wont let anyone other than her dye or cut my hair after all she has known my hair before, during and after pregnancy. So instead of spending £5.99 on a box dye £65.00 every 6-8 weeks is something i really don’t mind spending my money on as i know my hair will be fabulous by the time she has finished with it.

Thanks for reading everyone speak soon x x x

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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      1. yayyyy now you’re an author on my blog. I would love if you could write a post about time management for someone who works, is a mom, a student and has a house to take care of. You can include how you do it and tips 🙂


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