My reasons for starting my blog… 

I grew up as the youngest of five children… I say children, my oldest sibling is 18 years my senior and although I love it now when I was younger I never had anyone to play with and I would sit for hours reading, making up stories and playing with my dolls. 

I had the most amazing childhood, I was a dancer until I was 20 from the age of four. I took part in junior stars in their eyes, I had countless singing and acting lessons and I loved to swim. 

Fastforward to now aged 27.5….my five year old daughter takes up a lot of my time which I Love, I run our home and also a house that I rent out, I’m a full time nursing student and work on the weekends. I barely have time to shave my legs these days. 

February 2016 was for me very difficult, I was suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety and felt like I had no hobbies or anything I enjoyed anymore, I classed cleaning as a hobby as I enjoyed it. 

That’s when my family sat me down and basically forced me to do something for me so i joined the gym to give myself something other to focus on than day to day life and honestly it’s changed everything. 

I love the gym, it’s somewhere I go when I’m happy, when I’m sad or when I’m angry and I always leave feeling on top of the world. 

So why write a blog you ask? 

Although the gym is my physical hobby as such I have constantly felt the need to express myself and share my day to day life by writing, journaling basically anyway I could put pen to paper and empty the content of my brain onto a piece of paper. 

I decided on starting this blog two weeks ago… It was a completly off the cuff idea, I was cooking my roast beef and thought you know what I’m going to do it, sod it what people think and I’m so glad I did. 

This blogging community is amazing, everyone is so supportive and I just love that I can express myself and not be concerned about what people think! I’ve also fell in love even more so now than ever reading other people’s blogs they are so inspiring and I look forward to waking each day to see what’s been posted. 

I just wish I had started this sooner! 

Bye for now xoxo

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Im a mum, a Nurse, and a wife. I love makeup, Wine, Chocolate, Cooking, Singing really loud, bubble baths and binge watching rubbish on the box.

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