Coconut and vanilla lip scrub ♥ 

So iv seen a lot of these home made lip scrubs all over the Internet at the moment and to be honest I’m so glad that iv found a way to keep my lips hydrated during these cold months.

I wear a lot of liquid lip stick which is great but also when you suffer with dry lips is a nightmare so I decided to make my own scrub with amazing results.

This is literally all you need…

  1. Sugar
  2. Storage
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Vanilla essence (or your preferred flacour)

The first thing I did was to mash up a teaspoon full of Coconut oil and added a further teaspoon of sugar.

I added a few drops of vanilla essence and gave it a good mix and then placed it into my little lip container pots.

And its that simple…. Lip scrub that you can make in ingredients from around the home you can even use petroleum jelly if you don’t have any coconut oil.

I have tried this tonight, I wet my lips massaged gently and the rinsed away and applied my Egyptian magic balm.

Wow!  My lips feel incredibly soft…. Definitely give this a try!

Until next time my loves


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9 thoughts on “Coconut and vanilla lip scrub ♥ 

  1. Nice post! With colder season dry lips and skin can be such a reoccurring issue. I never heard of Egyptian magic balm, does it work well? I have used various lip balms but haven’t found the right one yet closet I got was to one brand called sugar but they are a bit pricey!

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    1. Oh my goodness it’s the best lip. Balm in the world I swear! It’s so versatile you can use it on everything lips, as a moisturiser just all sorts! Would definitely recommend it I got mine in my beauty calender at Christmas and it was my fave product x x

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